During the fall of 2013, I was able to work on two different projects with my classes.  In my geometry class, we studied points of concurrency in triangles.  For the 3D printing project, students designed different points of concurrency using Google Sketchup (a 3D modeling program) and later we printed their designs.  See below for some pictures of the project.  
My AP Calculus class finished up a project at the end of the semester.  As an introduction to solving optimization type problems, they were given a scenario with a fictional company.  They had to come up with the most cost effective container given certain guidelines.  Students had to determine the best dimensions for the container, create a 3D model on Google Sketchup of their container, print their model, and present their findings to the class.  I have attached the student version of the project, the grading rubric, and some pictures of student work.
In addition to my classroom projects, I had a few outside projects requested by students or teachers.  One of my geometry students designed a CO2 car for one of his engineering courses.  In addition, the Aerospace Engineering class had me print a nose cone and a propeller for their project.  


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